You spent a lot of money on your website and your website is the face of your business.

It is VERY important to make sure your website stays secure and does not get hacked and does not infect your website visitors.

Did you know using outdated WordPress
installations allows hackers to exploit your website?

YOUR Website MAY ALREADY HAVE BEEN HACKED without you knowing it.

Updated plugins are constantly being secured by their developers, but outdated plugins often have weaknesses that can easily be exploited by hackers. Staying up-to-date with the latest plugins helps keep your website from getting hacked.

WordPress code is open source so the code is visible to everyone. So if a known security flaw is discovered in outdated plugins or outdated WordPress core software, any website that still uses them is vulnerable.

Just like how Microsoft Windows has security updates, your website software also has security updates and if you do not get those updated your site will eventually get hacked.

Website Security and Maintenance Service

Red Spot Design is now offering a new monthly service where we will maintain all of your plugins and security updates on a monthly basis as well as do daily backups of your website. We will also do automatic malware scans as well as any malware removal if somehow it ever gets on your site.

WordPress Security Service

Protecting your website from hackers, fixing bugs and monitoring the overall health.

Website Backups

Having an updated backup will make life a lot easier and help get your site running. We provide offsite daily backups.

Plugin Updates

We manually update the plugin and test the site to make sure there are no issues. Plugins are updated on an ongoing / daily basis.

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll monitor your website and receive an alert if there is any downtime.


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